Friday, 17th March 2023
Venue:World Trade Centre, Mumbai
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09:00 - 09:40 PLENARY 5

Dr. (Ms.) Vikas Desai, MD
(Technical Director Urban Health and Climate Resilience Center of Excellence (UHCRCE) Surat & Founder Secretary, Urban Health Society of India)
Occupational Epidemiology in the unorganised sector - Migrant focus

Chair: Dr. Ramnik Parekh, Conference Patron & Past President IAOH

South Lounge Ground Floor
SESSION 6: ORAL PAPERS, 09:45 - 11:45
South Lounge – Ground Floor Centrum A – 1st Floor Centrum B – 1st Floor Committee Room – 31st Floor Board Room – 31st Floor
Miscellaneous: Exposures / Health outcomes
Occupations/ Surveillance
Miscellaneous: Health outcomes / Policy / Interventional studies
6D (Online papers) 6E (Online papers)
Chair: Samuel Fuhrimann, Aditya Paliwal Chair: Kurt Straif,
Shelly Sagar
Chair: Martie Van Tongeren, S. Sivaramakrishnan Chair: Lap Ah Tse,
Jeevan Waghmare
Laura Pelland St Pierre,
Neetika Chauhan
Effects Of Psychosocial Work Factors on Medically Certified Sick Leave Due to Mental Disorder in Home Care Employees:
Rigmor Harang Knutsen

Leadership At the Workplace and Employees Risk of Hospital Treatment for Depression or Anxiety – A Prospective Study Of 69,099 Employees:
Kathrine Sørensen

Mental Health and Life Satisfaction Among Canadian Paramedics During the Covid-19 Pandemic: An Update: Christopher Macdonald

Prevalence And Factors Associated with Occupational Noise Induced Hearing Loss Among Employees of An International Airport of West Bengal, India:
Alapan Bandyopadhyay

Exposure To Per- And Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) During Pregnancy and Male Reproductive Function in Young Adulthood:
Kajsa Ugelvig Petersen
Status Of Knowledge and Gaps in Associations Between Occupational Exposures and Their Health Effects: Inform Priority Setting: Susan Peters

Incidence Of Malignant Mesothelioma in Lombardy, Italy: Accuracy of Predictive Models 2013-2020:
Dario Consonni

Incidence Of Opioid-Related Harms by Occupation in Ontario, Canada: Findings from The Occupational Disease Surveillance System:
Nancy Carnide

Changes In Work and Health Condition in Swiss Bus Drivers From 2010 Through 2022:
Irina Guseva Canu

Morbidity Profile of Workers in A Sponge Iron Industry in Goa: A Retrospective Record-Based Study:
Nadia Nirmala De St Roque Godinho

Screening For Respiratory Morbidities Among Traffic Police Personnel Working in Mumbai, India:
Shakthi Dorai B.

Exposure Levels of Dust, Endotoxin, And Microorganisms in The Danish Recycling Industry:
Karoline Kargaard Hansen

Cannabis Use and The Risk of Workplace Injury: Findings from A Longitudinal Study of Canadian Workers:
Nancy Carnide
The Effects of The Labour Inspectorate Regulatory Tools on Doctor Certified Sickness Absence in The Norwegian Home Care Services – A Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial:
Bjørnar Finnanger

Teaching Interventions in Occupational Health and Safety During Covid19 Pandemic in A Small Exporter and Processor Company of Hydrobiological Products in Piura, Peru:
Norvil Antonio Mera Chu

Global Alliance for Occupational Health and Safety: Damien McElvenny

Operating Management System: An Integrated Approach to Deliver Safe, Reliable, And Compliant Operations at Petrochemical Sites and Refineries:
Nikunj Desai

Gap Analysis of Occupational Health & Safety Services in Informal Sectors in India: A Review: Khyati Desai

Findings And Experiences from The Paper–Based Occupational Disease and Injury Registry in India: Sukhdev Mishra

New Research on The Continued Health Burdens of Uranium Miners: Implications for Workers Compensation in The United States:
Kaitlin Kelly-Reif
oP.6D1 to oP.6D21

(See appendix) ##
oP.6E1 to oP.6E23

(See appendix) ##
11:45 - 12:25 PLENARY 6

Prof David Kriebel, ScD.
(Professor emeritus of Epidemiology, University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA)
Advancing Global Health with Occupational Epidemiology

Chair: Dr. Laura Beane-Freeman, Chair EPICOH SC

South Lounge Ground Floor
12:30 -13:30 PANEL DISCUSSION:
Occupational Health Epidemiology: Need for Concerted Action

  • R. K. Elangovan - DGFASLI, Government of India
  • Damien McElvenny - Institute of Occupational Medicine, UK
  • Laura Beane-Freeman - NIH, USA
  • Maria Albin - Karolinska Institute, Sweden
  • Paul Demers - Occupational Cancer Research Centre Toronto & Chair of the NORA Cross Sector, NIOSH, USA
Moderator: Dr. T. Rajgopal, Advisor SC EPICOH 2023 & Past President IAOH

South Lounge Ground Floor
13:45 onwards LUNCH


Covid 19 oP.6D01 
Effects Of Withholding Treatment On Mental Health In Canadian Paramedics During The Covid-19 Pandemic:  David O'Neill
Covid 19 oP.6D02 
Interest Of Hospital Occupational Medicine In Promoting The Health Of  Care Staff:  Siwar Chemingui
Covid 19 oP.6D03 
Breakthrough Infection Among Workers In Different Non-Healthcare Working Settings: Lap Ah Tse
Covid 19 oP.6D04 
The Pandemic Of Respiratory Protection Masks:  A Study About Healthcare Workers During The First Wave Of Covid-19 Pandemic:  Emna Baraketi
Covid 19 oP.6D05 
Seroprevalence of SARS-COV2 among health-care workers who worked with COVID-19 patients during the first wave of the pandemic: Emna Baraketi
Covid 19 oP.6D06 
Work Productivity Among Healthcare Workers With Post Covid-19 Syndrome.:  Rania Nakhli
Covid 19 oP.6D07 
Awareness And Practices Regarding ‘Long Covid’ Among Employees Of Selected Electronics Industries In South India.: 
Merlyn Joseph
Healthcare Workers oP.6D08 
Mental Distress Among Female Physicians Working In Occupational Health Activities During The Covid-19 Pandemic: 
João Silvestre Da Silva Júnior
Healthcare Workers oP.6D09 
Screening For Sleep Disorders In Healthcare Professionals:  Soumaya Chebbi
Healthcare Workers oP.6D10 
Study Of Medical Fitness For Work Among 22 Doctors:  Amira Belkahla
Healthcare Workers oP.6D11 
Blood Exposure Accidents And Compliancy To Post-Exposure Prophylaxis In Healthcare Workers:  Amira Belkahla
Healthcare Workers oP.6D12 
Comorbidities And Psychological Distress In Health Care Workers:  Hiba Ziedi
Respiratory Effects / Diseases oP.6D13 
Work-Related Asthma : Occupational Specificities And Fitness To Work:  Soumaya Chebbi
Respiratory Effects / Diseases oP.6D14 
Comparison Of Occupational Asthma Characteristics Related To High And Low Molecular Weight Agents:  Amen Moussa
Respiratory Effects / Diseases oP.6D15
  Management Strategy In Workplace When An Employee In Diagnosed With Tuberculosis:  Abir Ayadi
Respiratory Effects / Diseases oP.6D16
  Respiratory Symptoms Due To Pesticide Use And Associated Factors In Potato Growers:  Yenny Anea Rozo Silva
Respiratory Effects / Diseases oP.6D17
  Study Of The Association Between Rhinitis Ans Asthma In Workplace:  Latifa Ben Afia
Military / Veteran Health oP.6D18 
 Assessment Of Work Capacity In Active Military Personnel With Asthma:  Hiba Ziedi
Military / Veteran Health oP.6D19
  Military Occupational Accidents:  Amani Dallagi
Psychological Hazards / Health oP.6D20
  Impact Of Psychiatric Disorders On Medical Fitness For Work In The Military Field:  Amani Dallagi
Covid 19 oP.6D21
 Epidemiological Profile Of Healthcare Workers With Covid-19 In Brunei Darussalam:  Ashish Trivedi
Covid 19 oP.6D22
Perception Of Local Health Functionaries Regarding The Impact Of Covid-19 On Health-Seeking Behavior Of Presumptive TB Patients In Tricity, Chandigarh:  Naveen Krishan Goel

Musculoskeletal Disorders oP.6E01 
Psychosocial Work Characteristics And Low Back Pain In Nursery School Workers In Japan:  Xuliang Shi
Musculoskeletal Disorders oP.6E02 
Epicondylitis And Medical Fitness For Work:  Wiem Ayed
Musculoskeletal Disorders oP.6E03 
Determinants Of Multisite Musculoskeletal Disorders In The Workplace.:  Rania Nakhli
Worker Age-Related Issues oP.6E04 
Age Or Work-Related Lumbar Disc Degeneration?:  Francesco Massoni
Solvents oP.6E05 
Quality Of Life In Employees Exposed To Organic Solvents: A Study Of 196 Cases:  Siwar Chemingui
Reproductive Effects / Outcomes oP.6E06
Occupational Exposure To Chemicals And Particles During Pregnancy And Associations With Gestational Hypertension, Preeclampsia And Gestational Diabetes:  Jenny Selander
Return to work / Work Capability Assessment oP.6E07
Dyschromatopsia And Medical Fitness For Work:  Amira Belkahla
Return to work / Work Capability Assessment oP.6E08
Impact Of Systemic Diseases On Medical Ability To Work:  Emna Baraketi
Return to work / Work Capability Assessment oP.6E09
The Impact Of Sleeplessness On Work Productivity:  Jovan Tham
Occupational epidemiology in Unorganised sectors oP.6E10
A Study Of Fitness For Work In 54 Workers In The Construction Industry:  Dorra Brahim
Precarious Work / Working Conditions oP.6E11
Investigating Relationship Of Health Problems Reported By Indian Office Workers With Workplace Habits And Office Indoor Environmental Conditions:  Pooja Shukla
Precarious Work / Working Conditions oP.6E12
Was Telework During Covid-19 Pandemic, Suitable For Everyone?:  Soumaya Chebbi
Precarious Work / Working Conditions oP.6E13
Reasons For Unfitness For Work Among Teachers: A Descriptive Cross-Sectional Study:  Latifa Ben Afia
Occupational epidemiology in Unorganised sectors oP.6E14
An Epidemiological Cross-Sectional Study Of Prevalence Of Hand Hygiene In Food Handlers In A Metropolitan City: 
Zainab Ansari
Shift Work oP.6E15
Chronic Diseases And Atypical Working Hours:  Wiem Ayed
Shift Work oP.6E16
Prevalence And Risk Of Sleep And Vigilance Disorders In Health Care Personnel Working At Night:  Dorra Brahim
Psychological Hazards / Health oP.6E17
Teleworkers And Psychiatric Disorder: Dorra Brahim
Irritants and Allergens oP.6E18
Allergic Contact Dermatitis To Metals Among Construction Workers:  Asma Koubaa
Heat and Cold oP.6E19
Thermal Discomfort And Occupational Health – The Linkage:  P. K. Latha
Climate Change oP.6E20
Influence Of Weather And Air Pollution On The Occurrence Of Sudden Death From Cardiovascular Causes In The Region Of Sousse (Tunisia):  Rania Nakhli
Return to work / Work Capability Assessment oP.6E21
Covid-19, Long-Covid And Return-To-Work: A Questionnaire To Investigate The Experience Of The Occupational Physicians From An Italian Region:   Alberto Modenese
Occupational epidemiology in Unorganised sectors oP.6E22
Assessing Long-Term Trends Of Pesticide Poisoning In Agricultural Workers And Prohibited Pesticide Policy In Taiwan: 
Wei Te Wu
Return to work / Work Capability Assessment oP.6E23
Understanding Labour Market Participation Trajectories After Returning To Part-Time Work From Sickness Absence: A Nationwide Cohort Study From Finland:  Elli Hartikainen