Thursday, 16th March 2023
Venue:World Trade Centre, Mumbai
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09:00 - 09:40 PLENARY 3

Dr. Alexander P. Keil, Ph.D.
(Stadtman Investigator, National Cancer Institute - Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, NIH, USA)
Bad actors and good actions: the utility of causal inference for exposure mixtures

Chair: Dr. Mary Schubauer-Berigan, IARC-WHO

South Lounge Ground Floor
SESSION 3: ORAL PAPERS, 09:45 - 11:00
South Lounge – Ground Floor Centrum A – 1st Floor Centrum B – 1st Floor Committee Room – 31st Floor Board Room – 31st Floor
Exposure assessment
Carcinogens / Cancer
Healthcare & Shift workers
3D (Online papers)
Occupational exposures & Risk Factors
3E (Online papers)
Gender / Working condition / Policy
Chair: Susan Peters, Vandana Shinde Chair: Malcolm Sim,
Ajay Sati
Chair: Manolis Kogevinas,
Nikunj Desai
Chair: Cheryl Peters,
Naresh Jhamnani
Chair: Neela Guha,
Amruta Desai
Exposome Project For Health and Occupational Research (Ephor) Mega Cohort: Michelle Turner

Using Proxy Respondents When Assessing Occupational Circumstances: Impact on Expert Assessments of Reliability in The Assignment of Chemical Exposures:
Marie-Élise Parent

Applying Sensors for Assessment of Occupational Exposures in Epidemiological Studies: Evaluation of Sensors and Preliminary Findings: Anjoeka Pronk

Development Of a Silica Job- Exposure-Matrix for Mining Using Historical Exposure Measurements in Ontario, Canada: Tracy Kirkham

Exposure Assessment for Sub-Concussive Head Impacts Among Former English Professional Football Players: Results from The Heading Study: Ioannis Basinas
Exploring The Etiology of Rare Cancers Using a Large Multi-Ore Mining Cohort:
Paul Arthur Demers

Joint Effects of Five Major Occupational Lung Carcinogens and The Risk of Lung Cancer (Synergy):
Ann Olsson

Age-At-Exposure and Time-Since-Exposure in Causal Inference: Ionizing Radiation and Cancer Mortality in Inworks: Alexander Keil

Cohort Study of Workers in The UK Glass-Reinforced Plastics Manufacturing Industry: Damien Mcelvenny

Associations Between Occupational Ionizing Radiation Exposure and Cancer Mortality: An Update of The Pooled US Nuclear Workers Study:
Kaitlin Kelly-Reif
Evaluation Of the Working Time of Paediatricians in A University Hospital:
Marie-Agnès Denis

Predictors Of Night Shift Work Adaptation:
Barbara Naomi Harding

Night Work and Breast Cancer in A Cohort of Female Health Care Employees in Stockholm, Sweden: Per Gustavsson

Night And Shift Work and Incident Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension – Preliminary Findings from A Cohort Study of Healthcare Employees in Stockholm: Carolina Bigert
Rural Workers and Cancer (RUCAN) Study: A Brazilian Cohort Study:
Henrique C. S. Silveira

A Randomized Controlled Trial of An Educational Intervention in Willingness of The Covid-19 Vaccine Booster Shots Among Non-Healthcare Workers:
Lap Ah Tse

Assessment Of Volatile Organic Compound Exposures from Cleaning and Disinfection Products Use in Healthcare Settings: Caroline P. Groth

The Association Between the Incidence of Postmenopausal Breast Cancer and Occupational Exposure to Selected Organic Solvents in Montréal: Sydney Westra

Study On Incidence and Sequelae of Needle Stick Injuries Among Healthcare Workers:
Manikandan Srinivasan
Determinants And Impact of Intimate Partner Violence on Mental Health Among Married Women in Garment Industry of Tirupur and Bangalore, India: Nancy Angeline Gnanaselvam

Can Targeted Workplace Wellness Initiatives Improve Menstrual Hygiene Management in Apparel Factories?: Merlyn Joseph

Identifying The Need for Gamified Habit-Building Mobile Application for PCOS Management in Female Students in Jabalpur, India: Bhakti Kirdat

Lessons Learned from Evaluating Epidemiological Studies for Cancer Hazard Identification: The Updated Report on Carcinogens (ROC) Handbook: Ruth M. Lunn
SESSION 4: ORAL PAPERS, 11:15 - 12:30
South Lounge – Ground Floor Centrum A – 1st Floor Centrum B – 1st Floor Committee Room – 31st Floor Board Room – 31st Floor
Carcinogens / Cancer
Occupational Epidemiologic methods
4D (Online papers)
Occupational exposures & Risk Factors
4E (Online papers)
Gender / Working condition / Policy
Chair: Pierre Lebailly,
Kanan Yadav
Chair: Laura Beane Freeman, Hemant Haldavnekar Chair: Barbara Harding, P. K. Sishodiya Chair: Shahieda Adams,
Rakesh Matekar
Chair: Claudia Lissåker, Aravind Mali
Performance Of Self-Reported and Urinary Biomarker-Based Measures of Exposure to Glyphosate and Mancozeb in A Study on Sleep Problems Among Smallholder Farmers in Uganda:
Hans Kromhout

Occupational Exposure to Triazole Fungicides and Risk of Prostate Cancer in The Agriculture and Cancer (AGRICAN) Cohort:
Juliette Hippert

Occupational Exposure to Pesticides and Neurobehavioral Outcomes. Impact Of Different Exposure Measures on the Association: Samuel Fuhrimann

Kidney Cancer And Exposure to Mitotoxic Fungicides (SDHIs and Strobilurins) In the Agriculture and Cancer Cohort (AGRICAN): Carine Nassar

Pesticide Exposure and Health Effects Among Greenspace Workers: Lucie De Graaf

Identification Of Pesticide Mixtures to Which French Agricultural Workers are Exposed: Results from The Agriculture and Cancer (Agrican) Cohort Study: Juliette Hippert
Occupational Exposure to Solar Ultraviolet Radiation and Risk of Breast, Prostate and Colon Cancer in Denmark:
Johnni Hansen

Paternal Occupational Exposure to Heavy Metals and Welding Fumes and Testicular Germ Cell Tumours in Sons in France: Ann Olsson

Occupational Asbestos Exposure and Gastrointestinal Cancers: Systematic Review and Meta-Analyses:
Paul Arthur Demers

Research Recommendations for Selected IARC-Classified Agents: Impact and Lessons Learned: Michelle Turner
Assessing Epidemiological Biases in Human Cancer Studies Used for Hazard Identification:
Mary Schubauer-Berigan

Comparing Responses from Proxy and Self-Respondents in A Population-Based Case- Control Study of Occupational Exposures and Prostate Cancer: Marie-Élise Parent

Fair Data Management in Exposome Research - A Case Study from The Eu-Funded Eximious Project:
Manosij Ghosh

A Novel Weighting Approach to Addressing Healthy Worker Survivor Bias: Alexander Keil
Work-Related Risk Factor for Multiple Sclerosis: A Case Control Study in Tunisia:
Amen Moussa

Determinants Of E-Waste Workers' Intention to Wear Respiratory Protective Equipment at Work in Hong Kong: Lap Ah Tse

Administrative Concerns in Healthcare During Covid 19 Pandemic in Cement Industry in India: Sabitha Karamched

Work-Family Conflict, Work- Family Boundary and Satisfaction with Family Life One Year After Covid-19 Lockdown: Gender Differences in The Portuguese Population: Mariana Neto

Occupational Exposure to Endocrine Disruptors and Colorectal Cancer Risk in Two Canadian Cohorts:
Laura Pelland St Pierre
Trajectories Of Psychosocial Working Conditions and All- Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality: A Swedish Register-Based Study: Kuan Yu Pan

The Role of Working Conditions in The Relationship Between Education and Alcohol-Related Morbidity Among Swedish Workers: Melody Almroth

Assessing The Influence of Occupational Cancer Hazard Evaluations on U.S. Federal and State Regulatory Actions: Suril Mehta

Air Quality and Health Co-Benefits of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Actions by 2030: An Interdisciplinary Modelling Study in Ahmedabad, India: Priya Dutta

The Potential to Prevent Disability Retirement Due to Common Conditions:
Elli Hartikainen
12:30 - 14:00 LUNCH & e-POSTER SESSION 2   (PS2 – Screen A, B, C)   ## see appendix

Coordinator: Aditya Paliwal
$ Please join us for a planning session for ongoing early career researcher activities. An opportunity to get involved, network with other early career researchers and have a voice in planning EPICOH activities targeted at those starting their careers in occupational epidemiology and exposure assessment.
SESSION 5: ORAL PAPERS, 14:00 - 15:15
South Lounge – Ground Floor Centrum A – 1st Floor Centrum B – 1st Floor Committee Room – 31st Floor Board Room – 31st Floor
Exposure assessment
Carcinogens / Cancer
Musculoskeletal Disorders
5D (Online papers)
Musculoskeletal Disorders & Other Risk Factors
5E (Online papers)
Chair: Hans Kromhout,
Harish Phuleria
Chair: Marie-Élise Parent, Joel Samuel Chair: Damien McElvenny, Deepak Sharan Chair: Karen Walker-Bone,
Unmesh Korde
Chair: Ashish Trivedi, Swapnali Yerunkar
Occupational Exposure of Hairdressers to Airborne Hazardous Chemicals: A Scoping Review: Sanja Kezic

Preschool Teachers’ Working Environmental Conditions – A Preliminary Survey of Indoor Air Quality in North Taiwan:
Hsichen Kathrin Liu

Formation Of the International Partnership on Automatic Occupation Coding – Call for Partners and Collaboration: Calvin Ge
Firefighting And Cancer: A Meta-Analysis of Cohort Studies in The Context of Cancer Hazard Identification:
Nathan Debono

Risk Factor Assessment and Screening for Oral Neoplasia Among Manual Labourers Residing in Mumbai: Vasundhara Kulkarni

Risk Factor Assessment and Screening for Common Cancers and NCDs Among Railway Police Personnel - A Cross-Sectional Study:
Anil Suresh Patil

Occupational Exposures of Firefighting and Urinary Tract Cancer Risk Among Men in The Norwegian Fire Departments Cohort: Niki Marjerrison

Benzene exposure and risk of lung cancer in the Norwegian Offshore Petroleum Workers cohort: Ronnie Babigumira
Comparative Assessment of Musculoskeletal Pain Among Artisans of Three Handicraft Sectors of India Because Of Commercialization – A Study on Unorganized Sector: Sangeeta Pandit

Referral Criteria for Occupational Musculoskeletal Diseases: Ping Hui Chen

Occupational Ergonomic Study on The Control Panel of WAP 7 Locomotive & Design Intervention on Indian Railway:
Sangeeta Pandit

Identification of Work-related musculoskeletal disorder among artisans of Dhokra bell metal handicraft industry of India: Avinash Sahu

Occupational Risk Assessment Among Workers Involved In Loading Fish Crates In Trucks, Post Fish Harvesting At The Dockyards:
Rajat Kamble

Association Between Work Ability Index and Low Back Pain Among Printing Workers:
Alireza Dehdashti
Prevalence And Work-Related Influences on Multisite Musculoskeletal Pain Among Surgeons: Georgia Ntani

Association Between Occupational Mechanical Exposures and Chronic Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis: Annett Dalbøge

Return To Work After an Episode of Absence Due to Musculoskeletal Disorder or Injury:
João Silvestre Silva-Junior

Towards Occupational Health Equity Metrics: Estimating the Burden of Lung Cancer Attributed to Three Occupational Carcinogens by Socio-Economic Position: Counil Emilie

Contribution Of Occupational Risk Factors to Lifespan Inequalities Across Socio- Occupational Groups in France: Counil Emilie

Assessment Of Quality of Sleep and Its Association with Working Time and Smartphone Usage Among Restaurant Workers in Bangalore - A Cross Sectional Study: Subin Paul
oP.5E1 to oP.5E20

(See appendix) ##
15:15 - 15:30 TEA
Joint symposium with SC on OH in the Chemical Industry
Symposium on Exposomics
Development of EuroJEM for exposure assessment in EPHOR & beyond
15:30 - 16:30
  • Shyam Pingle
  • Epidemiology as a Tool for Occupational Health Risk Reduction at Workplace - A Case Study and Learning
  • Paolo Vineis
  • Use of epidemiology in the assessment of the health risks of emerging chemicals and technologies
  • Moderator: R. Rajesh
  • Pernilla Wiebert*
  • Harmonizing assessment of exposure to chemicals and particles in Europe
  • Jenny Selander*
  • A quantitative measurement-based JEM for occupational noise exposure in Europe
  • Katarina Kjellberg*
  • Development of an ergonomic Job Exposure Matrix (JEM) within the European JEM, Exposome Project for Health, and Occupational Research (EPHOR)
  • Else Wurtz
  • A quantitative solar ultraviolet radiation job-exposure matrix for the general working population of Europe
  • Ioannis Basinas
  • Natural language processing as a tool for developing and updating Job Exposure Matrices for chemical exposures in the general population
  • Moderators: Anjoeka Pronk, Maria Albin
Joint symposium with SC on Musculoskeletal Disorders
16:30 - 17:00
  • Deepak Sharan
  • Updates in health surveillance programmes for work-related musculoskeletal disorders
  • Rauf Iqbal
  • Ergonomics study at a tea estate
  • Moderator: Sangeeta Pandit
17:00 - 17:40 PLENARY 4

Dr. Soumya Swaminathan
(Chairperson, M S Swaminathan Research Foundation & Ex-Chief Scientist, World Health Organisation)
Pandemic & occupations: Impact of viruses, prevention, and management of long-term health effects among workers

Chair: Prof. Sara De Matteis, Secretary EPICOH SC

South Lounge Ground Floor
17:45 - 18:45 MEET THE EDITORS

Hans Kromhout - Editor-in-Chief of Occupational & Environmental Medicine (OEM)
Bobby Joseph - Editor-in-Chief of Indian Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (IJOEM)

South Lounge Ground Floor
18:15 - 19:15 ICOH India Business Meeting

Centrum A – 1st Floor
19:00 onwards CONFERENCE BANQUET (By Registration Only)


Occupational epidemiology in Unorganised sectors PS2.A1 
Pesticide Spraying And Its Health Hazards On Farmers:  Vijay Bade
Occupational epidemiology in Unorganised sectors PS2.A2 
Health Related Economic Burden Among Unorganized Sector Workers: A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis: 
Pentapati Siva Santosh Kumar
Occupational epidemiology in Unorganised sectors PS2.A3 
Perceptions Attitudes And Beliefs Regarding Gynecological And Menstrual Health Among Fisher Women Working On Sea Shores Of Mumbai, India:  Kshama Viragi
Occupational epidemiology in Unorganised sectors PS2.A4 
Occupational problem identification on artisans of Jodhpur wooden handicraft and design intervention: Rajat Kamble
Solvents PS2.B1 
Health Impacts Of Volatile Organic Compounds Exposure Among Painters At Construction Site:  Lavanya Sekhar
Irritants and Allergens PS2.B2 
Prevalence And Incidence Of Hand Eczema In Hairdressers: A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis:  Sanja Kezic
Specific Occupations / Industries PS2.B3 
Morbidities Among Workers Of A Fertilizer Industry:  Vishwaraj Mhalshekar
Covid 19 PS2.B4 
Study To Assess Challenges Faced In Biomedical Waste Management By Waste Handlers During Covid 19 Pandemic In A Tertiary Care Hospital:  Sagar Sontakke
Bullying / Stress / Violence PS2.C1 
Mental Health And Employment Consequences Among Informal Caregivers At Work: A Danish Nationwide Register-Study :  Johan Høy Jensen
Noise PS2.C2 
Analysing Honking Trend And Hotspots In A Major City Of Southern India Using A Spatial Statistical Approach: 
Harish Phuleria
Intervention Studies PS2.C3 
Stop For Stress – A Randomized Controlled Trial Of An Online Intervention For Work-Related Stress:  Lea Nørgaard Sørensen


Carcinogens / Cancer oP.5E01 
Epidemiological Profile Of Occupational Pleuropulmonary Cancers In Tunisia:  Abir Ayadi
Carcinogens / Cancer oP.5E02 
Are Asbestos And Strong Inorganic Acid Mists The Only Occupational Exposures That Increase Laryngeal Cancer Risk In The Construction Industry?:  Christine Barul
Carcinogens / Cancer oP.5E03 
The Burden Of Pancreatic Cancer Associated With Occupational Exposure To Chemical Agents: A Hospital-Based Study In Taiwan:  Ro-Ting Lin
Carcinogens / Cancer oP.5E04 
Ability To Work Among Cancer Survivor’s Teachers:  Latifa Ben Afia
Carcinogens / Cancer oP.5E05 
Occupational Exposure And Lung Cancer: A Based Hospital Case-Control Study:  Zeineb Athimni
Carcinogens / Cancer oP.5E06 
Work-Related Risk Factors For Breast Cancer: A Case-Control Study In Tunisia:  Amen Moussa
Carcinogens / Cancer oP.5E07 
Occupational Difficulties Of Breast Cancer Survivors In Unorganised Sectors.:  Imene Kacem
Carcinogens / Cancer oP.5E08 
Occupational Exposure And Lifestyle Factors And Risk Of Prostate Cancer In The Central Region Of Tunisia: A Case-Control Study.:  Nawres Gannoun
Carcinogens / Cancer oP.5E09 
Gap Analysis On Occupational Cancer Controls In The Oil & Gas Industry:  Jayandran Mohan
Pesticides oP.5E10 
Exposure To Pesticides Mixture And Cancer Mortality In Banana Workers:  Christine Barul
Noise oP.5E11 
Deafness And Fitness For Work:  Hanene Ben Said
Noise oP.5E12 
Can Acoustic Trauma Be Considered An Accident At Workplace?:  Hanene Ben Said
Noise oP.5E13 
Epidemiological And Clinical Particularities Of Hearing Loss In Teleconsultant : A Study Of 43 Cases:  Wiem Ayed
Noise oP.5E14 
Hearing Impairment Among Active Military Personnel:  Amani Dallagi
Noise oP.5E15 
Noise Exposure As A Factor In The Increase Of Blood Pressure And Heart Rate Of Workers In A Steel Manufacturing Industry:  Ranjith S.
Solvents oP.5E16 
Assessment Of Hearing Function In Workers Exposed To Organic Solvents: A Study Of 34 Cases:  Hiba Ziedi
Exposure Assessment oP.5E17 
Fluoride As A Double-Edged Sword - Fluoride Exposure And Its Impact On The Intelligence Of Tamil Nadu Schoolchildren.: 
Delfin Lovelina Francis
Covid 19 oP.5E18 
Burnout In Medical Doctors At Public Hospitals In Gqeberha, South Africa During The Covid-19 Pandemic: A Cross-Sectional Study:  Saajida Khan
Radiation oP.5E19 
A Survey Of Radiation Exposure Among Non-Destructive Testing Technicians In Taiwan:  Ping Shih
Health Disparities oP.5E20 
A Comparative Study Of Day And Night Shift Industrial Worker’S Behavioral Habits And Its Impact On Oral Hygiene: 
Yogeshwaran M.