Instructions for accessing the VIRTUAL Platform

EPICOH 2023 virtual conference is hosted at

  • The platform will be accessible from 15th March 2023 to 17th March 2023 (as per the Conference Agenda)
  • All conference recordings will be available for you to watch on the same link / space for a duration of 4 weeks post the conference starting from 19th March 2023.

While attending the conference virtual, do keep the below instructions in mind:

  1. Make sure you have a stable internet connection and a device that is capable of streaming video and audio.
  2. Test your internet connection and device prior to the conference to ensure everything is working properly.
  3. Use the same e-mail address to login as used during registering for the conference. Please note, only a single participant should login through the registered email address.
  4. Review the Conference schedule and plan which sessions you would like to attend. Curate your own schedule.
  5. Set up a quiet and distraction-free workspace for attending the virtual conference.
  6. Make sure your device is fully charged or plugged in during the conference.
  7. Use headphones or earbuds to improve audio quality and reduce background noise.
  8. Do share your questions with the speaker and panellists via the Q&A chat feature.
  9. Follow the instructions and guidelines provided by the conference organizers and be aware of any prohibited activities, such as recording the sessions or sharing login credentials with others.
  10. Take notes during the sessions to help you remember key points and ideas.
  11. Take breaks between sessions to stretch and rest your eyes.